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How Organizations are Modernizing their IT Infrastructure with Mainframe Technology

Mainframe Modernization
Mainframe modernization initiatives are helping organizations to remain competitive and efficient in the market.

Many organizations are leveraging their mainframe to drive key IT modernization initiatives, making them more competitive and efficient in the market. With the development of new technologies, mainframe systems are able to provide a cost-effective, secure, and reliable platform for businesses to achieve their objectives.

Mainframe modernization initiatives can involve a range of activities, from upgrading existing hardware and software to leveraging the latest technologies and applications. For instance, organizations can add virtualization capabilities to their mainframe, allowing them to run multiple applications on the same system. This can help to reduce costs while also increasing the flexibility and scalability of the system. Additionally, organizations can use automation and DevOps tools to streamline their development processes and introduce new features and services faster.

Entegria Systems, LLC. recently introduced new FastSSR™ patented technology to maximize the efficiency of mainframe users with emulator-based file transfers up to 156 times faster. The secure, component-based platform provides the flexibility and scalability of a complete enterprise solution. FastSSR enables organizations to fully leverage their mainframe to drive key modernization initiatives in their overall IT strategy. They can benefit from it without additional hardware implementation. The technology can run standalone or seamlessly integrate with existing terminal emulator software, lessening the learning curve for users. Entegria is currently offering a 30-day risk-free trial to those who want to see the technology in action.

Organizations are also leveraging the data stored within their mainframe to gain valuable insights, enabling them to make more informed decisions. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their customers, helping them to drive better customer experiences. Additionally, organizations can use the data stored in their mainframe to gain a competitive edge, as they can identify trends and insights that others in their industry may not have access to.

Overall, mainframe modernization initiatives are helping organizations to remain competitive and efficient in the market. By taking advantage of new technologies and data, organizations can gain a competitive edge and create more value for their customers.


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