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file transfers
File Transfers

Imagine Reducing File Transfer Time From Hours to Seconds!

New FastSSR™ patented technology will enable you to maximize the efficiency of your mainframe users with emulator-based file transfers up to 156 times faster.

FastSSR is a High-Speed, Secure Data Transfer System for IBM Mainframes

Mainframe Modernization
Data Transfers
Emulator Software
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Comprehensive Capabilities for Secure and Versatile Data Transfers

  • Fast, secure TCP/IP transfers over TLS

  • Transfer text and binary data

  • Supports built-in and custom code pages

  • Supports built-in and custom translation tables

  • Can transfer multiple types of output

  • Support emulator-based IND$FILE transfers

  • Can browse mainframe data sets

  • Can create multi-transfer batch jobs

  • Powerful scripting engine for transfer automation

  • Easy to install, small footprint mainframe job

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