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Increase productivity, data security, and information insight

Digital file management with the latest encryption, AI, and internet technologies

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Increase Productivity

Our data transfer products increase productivity and your bottom line by transferring data faster and available for your critical business applications.

Manage Data Movement

Use our products to automate and streamline data transfers across your enterprise with common sense workflows and enhanced transfer insight.

Automate Data Transfer

Easily create automated workflows that process, compress, encrypt, and transfer data to multiple endpoints within your enterprise.

Ensure Security

Ensure the security of your data with zero-knowledge encryption, enhanced auditing, and data persistence rules; whether your data is at rest or in transit.

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secure data workflows
automated workflows

Build secure, automated workflows with RheoWorx

RheoWorx™ is a secure data workflow system that enables businesses to build automated processes for data movement. Workflow tasks process, compress, encrypt, and transform different types of data to multiple nodes within an enterprise. RheoWorx gives personnel insight into when and where data is delivered. Data is always safe and encrypted.

file transfers

Energize your emulator-based file transfers with FastSSR

FastSSR™ is a high-speed file transfer system that will extend the value of your IBM mainframes. FastSSR implements secured, TCPIP transfers to upload and download data up to 156 times faster!* Increase productivity and efficiency by transferring more data within smaller timeframes than ever before.

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